By Rev. Tommy Tyson (1922-2002)

One day I got a letter. It was an invitation from the pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Worland, Wyoming. Now, you understand “First Church” has an aristocracy all to itself. Catholics don’t know that, because they don’t have “First Church.” They have Cathedrals. But “First Church” is like a Cathedral.

The pastor wanted me to come to Worland in the summertime of that year for a revival. I thought, “Wyoming in the summer, compared to North Carolina in the summer - Lord, this has to be you!” It didn’t take me long to pray about it. I wrote right back and accepted his invitation. Things went along, the time was approaching, and I didn’t have any money to go to Wyoming. You know, when I don’t have the means, I talk to Jesus about it. You remember when Jesus came to the woman at the well? He said to her, “If you knew who it was you were talking to, you would ask of him, and he would give you the drink of the water of life.” And she said, “How are you going to get any water out of that well? You don’t have a bucket.”


In Honor of Tommy Tyson

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